Amazon Gadgets: Part 1


I started finding really helpful gadgets on Amazon and posting them on my Instagram page. They have become very popular posts so I wanted to start adding them here too! This is Part 1 of my Amazon gadgets finds.

The very first gadgets I found I still use all the time! I love scrolling through Amazon and finding products I think would be helpful to people. The first gadget I found was an olive oil sprayer. I use olive oil on EVERYTHING. I am always having to pour from the bottle, and I always let out wayyyy too much oil. This spray bottle lets you mist the oil in your pan or on top of your food! It is SO helpful!

Second gadget I came across is the Cord Wrapper. This thing is genius. All of your small appliances like your blender, air fryer, toaster, etc. can be kept organized with their cords not hanging out everywhere. The Cord Wrapper sticks to the appliance, and lets you wrap the cord around it to keep it in place!

And lastly, probably my favorite gadget out of this first series, the soap dispenser extension kit. There is nothing more annoying than trying to get soap out of the dispenser and then realizing it is empty. This extension kit lets you hook up to a large gallon size soap so you won’t run out, like, ever. Come back for amazon gadgets part 2!

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