Amazon Gadgets: Part 3


I’ve got another round of very handy Amazon gadgets for you! I can’t believe it took me so long to get an over the sink drying rack. This has been so helpful to place Beck’s bottles and water cups out to dry, and I also use it every morning to place my protein shake blender bottle to dry! It easily rolls up to move out of the way if you aren’t using it.

My next find is great for keeping your pantry organized. All of my plastic bags I save from grocery shopping used to be stuffed in a drawer with my Tupperware, but now I have a dedicated grocery bag holder to store them in. This can be attached to your wall either by screws or just adhesive that comes on the back!

My final find from this series is a handheld frother! It is perfect for frothing milk for your coffee drinks, and can also be used to mix protein or any other powders into liquid. It is really powerful and works in just a few seconds! Check back for Part 4 of my Amazon finds!

Past Amazon Finds:

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