Amazon Gadgets: Part 4


Welcome back to Part 4 of my Amazon finds! These have been extremely popular and I can see why- they’re all so helpful in the kitchen! The first gadget in this series is a sliding tray for your coffee maker or other small appliance. Place your appliance on the tray and slide it towards yourself for easier access! It’s especially helpful if your coffee maker if stored under a shelf like mine is in my pantry.

Next up is a clip on strainer that can attach to any size pan. Ummm HOW did I not know about this?! It is SO much easier than placing a large strainer in the sink, draining the water, and then placing the food back into the pan. It simply clips on to the edge and you can drain your water directly from the pan! I would say this one is my favorite from this series, but then I remember about my next find and I can’t decide between the two.

My final gadget in this series are these silicone pan dividers! These are so nice to have to keep your food separated while cooking, but also to keep your pan clean- Plus they are dishwasher safe! These have been so handy and make cleaning up after cooking so much faster. Check back for Part 5 of my Amazon finds!

Past Amazon Finds:

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