Amazon Gadgets: Part 5


Part 5 of my Amazon finds! I found 2 really cool food saving gadgets this time around: butter and cheese huggers and avocado huggers! The butter and cheese huggers come in a set of 5 and can also be used around things like cucumbers to keep them from going bad. The avocado hugger comes in 2 sizes and really prevents your avocados from turning brown! It works best if you push you avocado in and twist it side to side to get the flaps over the edges.

Another cool find was this pack of finger guards to protect your fingers when cutting food with a sharp knife. I used it to cut a cucumber in my video but I think it will be really helpful when cutting green onions or chives into small pieces.

Last but not least, my final find for this set is this clip to hold your spoon/utensil while cooking! It is so convenient to rest your cooking utensil and let it hang over your pan rather than get your countertop or something else dirty! It will clip on to any pan and unclip when you are done. Check back for Amazon finds part 6!

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