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Lots of people ask me about my electric fireplace and what material is surrounding it, so I am giving all the fireplace/built-in details on this post!

We went with a Dimplex IgniteXL 50″ electric fireplace instead of gas. I had it delivered from Amazon and it was delivered just fine and in one piece. A gas fireplace was going to be $5K+ so we decided to save the money and go electric and I wouldn’t change it! This fireplace puts out a good amount of heat. We had the electrician wire for 240V instead of 120V to double the amount of heat it puts out.

I wanted a more modern look shiplap to surround the fireplace so I had the trim guys install 12″ pieces of poplar wood and space them out like shiplap. You can see a little white in-between the pieces- I don’t think they knew we were painting it black or they would have painted behind the boards before installing them, but you can’t really tell. We painted the wood Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in satin finish.

I designed the shelves to be spaced out evenly to the ceiling which brought them out to be 18″ apart. The shelves are 65″ in length, 3″ thick, and 14″ in depth. These are painted the same as all our walls- Sherwin Williams Pure White. Our ceilings are 10″ tall. We added beams spanning the whole width of our house (which is only about 24′). The beams are also made from Poplar Wood and are about 8″ in height and width. They are stained Minwax Dark Walnut.

Any other questions about our fireplace or built-ins, drop them below!

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