A Gender Neutral Nursery Design


Did you know we waited to find out the gender with our son, Beck?! It was something I always wanted to do and I honestly didn’t mind at all waiting until the birth to find out we had a little boy! I designed a neutral nursery that would be perfect for either a girl or a boy. The nursery has gone through many different furniture configurations and it wasn’t until I moved the crib for a THIRD time, that I finally figured out the best layout for the room.

I frequently get asked what wallpaper I have on the wall in here. It isn’t wallpaper! I bought black tape at Michael’s, and marked on the wall where I wanted to put the center piece of tape. I pretty much just eyeballed the length of each cut since it didn’t need to be perfect. It looks exactly like wallpaper, but SO much cheaper! and it should be able to be taken off the wall and replaced easily.

Another quick fix in this room was I switched out the black hardware that came with our IKEA dresser. I wanted something softer so I found these round wooden knobs to use instead. I LOVE them!

Luckily the arch I initially painted to go behind the dresser was the perfect size for the crib to also be up against. I painted this Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams and I think it is the PERFECT neutral green for a sweet little babe.

I was really hesitant to purchase an expensive glider/recliner because I wasn’t sure it was truly needed, but I can say that we sit in this every night and it is amazing to have for those middle of the night wakes to rock baby back to sleep. This recliner is electric and reclines very smoothly with the press of a button on the inside right side of the chair.

Another money saver I did in here was I only put one black out drape on each window. Luckily our windows are narrow enough where only one is needed. I just pull one side shut at night to block out all the light, and then still have the sheer drape to use for photos when I want some light to shine in!

I hope you love our nursery as much as we do!

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