Black and White Laundry Room


I love our black and white laundry room! I am sharing all of the design details and one thing I may change in our next house. Our laundry room isn’t huge- it’s only 6′ wide (4′ wide counting the washer and dryer) and 11′ long. It has been plenty of space for us though. I decided to do a patterned tile for the flooring and I’m so happy I did! It’s fun but not too funky and can fit with different design styles. I got this tile at Lowe’s and used a white unsanded grout with it. The tile has held up perfectly with no signs of wear. I actually used this same tile in our mudroom and it is still in perfect condition there too! Plus it’s super affordable which is even better!

I added a simple subway tile with black grout to the wall behind the washer and dryer to add some dimension and not just leave it as a blank wall. Floor and Decor has such great pricing on all size subway tile. I used this 3×6 tile with unsanded black grout.

I used subway tile from floor and decor, with black grout!

My cabinets were custom made by a local cabinet company, Century Entertainment. The specific style is Wellborn select series in full overlay, Onyx painted finish. My ceilings are 9′ high and I took the cabinets to the ceiling. The base cabinet has a stainless steel sink paired with a Pfister chrome faucet. I used a white quartz for the countertop. Our laundry hamper was a wedding gift from 6 years ago but it is still available at Pottery Barn! It has held up great. I love the seagrass mixed with the black and white.

The one thing that we could have added in this room to have more space would have been a countertop over the washer and dryer- which would mean a front load washer. This would give so much more counter space and areas to place clothes after folding, but I was hesitant because of bad reviews I have seen about front load washers. I am highly considering one for my next house though, since our new laundry room isn’t huge either and it would be nice to have that extra space! I’ll be sure to share that design with you and which direction I go!

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