Amazon Finds: Part 6


I found a few more Amazon gadgets to share with you all! The first is something I have used for months and thought it would be a great accessory to share. This on-the-go wipes dispenser and diaper caddy has been so handy to have with us in our diaper bag when leaving the house. It is so convenient to have the diapers and wipes together, super easy to remove the wipes, and holds 4-5 diapers easily! I also love that you can carry it on your wrist on the way to diaper changes!

I was really excited to find this Oxo Tot grape cutter! I’ve been having some anxiety about the the possibility of my son choking on foods, especially grapes, since I’ve heard they can be dangerous if not cut into the right shape. This gadget cuts the grapes into longer, thinner pieces making it safe for your baby or child to eat! My son loves cherry tomatoes so I have been using it to cut those instead.

Lastly, I found this vented food plate cover that can also be collapsed into a tray. I hate food splattering all over my microwave so this has been so nice to have to keep my microwave clean! You can also collapse it down to a tray that you can use under a pan/bowl that may get hot in the microwave- that way you can grab the tray when removing the food from instead of touching the hot bowl!

Check back soon for more amazon finds! If you missed my past finds, you can find them here!

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