DIY Mudroom Bench Cushion!


I made the cutest mudroom bench cushion all for only $115 AND I was able to make the entire thing during my son’s nap time!

I had been wanting to add something to our mudroom but couldn’t decide if I wanted to do woodwork, wallpaper, or paint, so I decided on something quick, affordable, and that could be changed easily if I didn’t like it- a bench cushion!

This cushion was surprisingly SO easy to make. Here’s what you need:

Cost Breakdown:

The one thing I forgot to use was batting. Batting can be used over the foam to secure it down tightly and would have made stapling the fabric tightly much easier. I definitely recommend using the batting before the fabric. Also- using a bread knife to cut the foam works so much better than scissors!

I left a 2″ overhang of foam on each side of the board. I eventually cut one side down to about a 1″ overhang. I realized the board was going to be too wide for my bench- this was because I wasn’t pulling the fabric tight enough. If I had used batting to pull everything in tight, the 2″ overhang would have been perfect.

Once you have the foam and batting stapled down, staple the fabric in place and you’re done! This is such an easy project where you can switch out the fabric as your style changes. Let me know in the comments if you try it or have any questions!

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