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I can’t believe it, but we are building another house!

Last fall, we met with our builder to discuss a straightforward basement upgrade. Cut to several months later, and we’re building a brand new home on a nearby lot! This definitely wasn’t what we had in mind back in October, but we’re in love with the new home and so excited to share our story with you!

If you’re new here, hi! I’m Caitlin! I reside in Louisville, KY with my husband, Jordan, and our son, Beckham. I love sharing all things home related as well as products I find helpful to our everyday life. We are currently building our third home. My goal here is to inspire & guide you on the journey of LOVING where you live and sharing our building process along the way!

How We Decided to Build a New Home

Back in October 2021, we called up our builder to discuss finishing the basement in our current home. With Beck getting older and his toy collection getting bigger, our living room was slowly starting to turn into a playroom. We thought, Let’s finish the basement and give Beck a space of his own. Simple as that!

Safe to say, it wasn’t so simple. We love our current home, and our only real gripe with it is the lack of storage space. So when the builder suggested we check out a lot that just opened up in the neighborhood (like…down the street!) we were skeptical.

We Fell in Love!

When we visited the lot, we knew it was right for us. Unlike most of the neighborhood, this lot includes more outdoor space and is spaced out a bit from the neighbors. Plus, it overlooks a lake! What more could you ask for?

The interesting this about the location of this house is that it is in a different county. This will give us access to great schools if we choose to use them.

After touring the new lot, we started to imagine what a new home could look like for us. Beck would have his own larger yard to run in, not just the neighborhood playground and random patches of grass. We could design a home exactly to our style and specifications. More than anything, it meant we could craft a home for our little family (literally) from the ground up.

So after months of designing, planning, and signing paperwork, here we are, breaking ground on our new home! We’re still several months away from moving in, but I’m already so grateful for everything we’ve learned and everything that’s yet to come.

My Tips for Building a New Home

I wanted to be entirely involved in the design process for building our house. I’ve learned a ton, and I truly believe we and our team are crafting a home that’s perfect for my family. Here’s what I’ve learned so far because as you many know, this isn’t my first rodeo!

Take your time. 

The last thing you want to do is rush the design process. Take as much time as you need to get every detail right. Ask tons of questions, and don’t be afraid to request changes. This is your home, and it’s a major investment. Make it perfect!

It feels really exciting to dive into picking your finishes, but after a bit, it starts to get overwhelming. When the inevitable decision fatigue hits, take a break and come back when you’re energized and excited to design your dream home!

Decide what’s most important to you when building a house.

Since we really hadn’t planned to build a house this year, we didn’t have a clear picture of what we wanted from the get-go. Our first step, then, was to sit down and decide what our non-negotiables were. A three-car garage? Large laundry room? An outdoor living space? If you can nail down your absolute “must haves”, you can build the rest of the house around those features.

Talk to your partner.

Building a new home is a team effort. Even if you’re the more design-savvy person in your relationship, make sure your partner is on board with your decisions before you break ground. This home is for both of you to learn, grow, and build a family in. The more invested you both are, the more in love you’ll be with the final result.

What’s Next

We have a long way to go in the process of building a house, but I’m excited to keep you all updated! Stay tuned for updates on the build and (of course) the interior design. And if you’re crafting your own dream home, explore some of my home decor must-haves.

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