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I’m putting extra thought into every square inch of our new home. The guest bathroom design is no exception! It would have been easy to design all our bathrooms the same, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve had so much fun creating a unique look for every room while keeping them all cohesive. Here’s what I’m planning for our guest bathroom!

My Plan For Our Guest Bathroom Design

If you’ve already read about my design for our son’s bathroom, you probably know what I’m going for here: classic and ready to grow with our family. This will be one of our guest bathrooms for now, but eventually, it will be our next child’s bathroom! I took the same considerations with this one as I did with Beck’s: surfaces that are easy to clean, a style that’s not too masculine or feminine, and colors that will easily tie into the rest of the house.

I do think this guest bathroom turned out a bit more feminine than Beck’s, but oh well! Maybe we’ll have a little girl next (fingers crossed!). If not, it’ll be easy to “dude” up the space with linens and other add-ons.

Elements I Love in the Guest Bathroom Design

The Colors

I went with lots of white in this bathroom, which I think gives it that slightly more feminine feel. I still made sure that the neutral tones would blend well into the rest of the house. The warm tones and mixed neutrals will keep this bathroom looking clean without feeling clinical.

The Flooring

Just like Beck’s bathroom, this one is getting a funky floor! I found these decorative tiles that create a vaguely floral pattern without being overtly “flower-y.” I think it’s enough to give the space some personality, but it won’t overpower the rest of the room! I linked some other tile options I was considering below!

The Shiplap

And of course, you know I added shiplap! I went with a white shiplap behind the vanity, and I’ll most likely finish the rest of the walls with a patterned wallpaper after we move in. Who knows? Maybe I’ll wait to pick it until our next kiddo comes along!

The Fixtures

While I used nickel in the other bathrooms, I decided to go with brass fixtures in this one. I think it adds a bit more warmth to the space, and it looks almost vintage. I especially love the faucet, which just pops against the marble vanity top.

The Vanity

Speaking of the vanity, it’s one of my favorite features! I went with a lighter wood tone than the one in Beck’s bathroom, mostly because I love the way the textured doors look in the lighter color. It’s topped with a classic carrara marble countertop and those pretty brass fixtures.

Shop My Guest Bathroom Design!

Want to create this look in your own home? Shop some of my favorite elements and add-ons I’ll be purchasing when we move in!

I really wanted this guest bathroom design to be one that could grow with our family. For now, it’s perfect for visiting in-laws. Eventually, I’d love to see a little girl make it her own. But whatever happens, I’m confident this space will be the perfect canvas to experiment on!

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