Laundry Room Design Moodboard | How I’m Designing the Laundry Room in Our New Home


As a mom of a rambunctious little boy, I spend a lot of time doing laundry. That’s why the laundry room design for our new home is so important to me! I want to create a space I will actually enjoy using and that meets all my family’s needs. Here’s what I came up with!

My Plan For Our Laundry Room Design

Just because laundry is a chore doesn’t mean the laundry room has to be boring! My vision for the space is a light, modern look that’s also entirely functional. One of the joys of building our own home is that we get to design each space to fit our unique needs, and I did just that with our laundry room design.

Laundry room design moodboard

Elements I Love in the Laundry Room Design

The Colors

For the cabinets, I chose SW City Loft, a pretty, clean greige tone. It’s going to pop well against the tile floors and give the room a touch of warmth. Plus, a greige like this works well with cool tones and warm tones, so my decor options are pretty much limitless!

The Flooring

I am so excited to use these 5×5 Casablanca tiles from Bedrosians in our laundry room! The design is so fun, but since it’s such a classic pattern, I have no doubt it will age well. The black and white will keep the space looking clean and modern.

The Fixtures

I’ve chosen brass fixtures for a few other rooms in our new home, and I love the way they look with the rest of the elements in the laundry room design. I’m especially excited about the touchless faucet! The wall sconces will sit above a set of wooden shelves and illuminate all the little decor pieces I eventually fill them with.

The Cabinets

Like I said, I opted for greige cabinets to pop against the floors. But the features I’m most excited about are the four cubbies perfectly designed to fit my Rejuvenation hampers! I’ve had my eye on these hampers for a long time, so I knew I wanted to craft the laundry room design around them.

The Farmhouse Sink

I decided to add a farmhouse sink to the laundry room design at the last minute. The sink is the first thing you’ll see when you look through the door, so I want it to make a statement! Not only is the farmhouse sink visually striking, but I think it also adds some down-home charm to an otherwise modern-looking space. 

Shop My Laundry Room Design!

Want to create this look in your own home? Shop some of my favorite elements and add-ons I’ll be purchasing when we move in!

While I’m never excited to do laundry, I can honestly say I’ll dread it a lot less in our new home! The laundry room design is going to add so much character to our house, and I can’t wait to put it into use.

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