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Our new home build is really coming together, and I’m having a blast choosing all the little details! I knew when we embarked on this project that I wanted to give our new kitchen some extra attention; it’s the heart of the home, after all. Along the way, I found a ton of potential kitchen cabinet colors. If you’re looking for the perfect taupe paint color, look no further!

My Ideal Taupe Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at inspiration photos in my search to find the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color for our new home build. Recently, I stumbled upon this post by Chris Loves Julia and fell in love with the taupe they used for their cabinets. I ordered a paint sample of Bromley Taupe by Stoffer Home, but unfortunately, they don’t sell their paints, just their cabinets.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

While I could have had the color matched, I decided to search for some dupes! These are the closest colors to the Stoffer Home taupe that I was able to find.

My Top Benjamin Moore Taupe Paint Colors

Grege Avenue 991

This color is a tad bit darker than the inspiration, and it has hints of red undertones.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Baja Dunes 997

This one’s also slightly darker, and it’s a bit more brown. To me, it’s more of a traditional wood tone.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Plymouth Rock 1542

This shade is definitely deeper and darker than my inspiration. It also has a hint of blue and purple undertones, which makes it feel a little cooler.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Pashmina AF-100

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

This color is almost an exact match for Bromley Taupe, if just a touch darker. It’s a true “grege”!

My Favorite, Stone Hearth 984

Stone Hearth is almost an exact match for Bromley Taupe! It might be slightly lighter, but my eyes can barely tell the difference!

My Top Sherwin Williams Taupe Paint Colors

Sandbar SW 7547

While I do like this color, it’s a touch lighter than what I’m going for, and it has more of a yellow undertone.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Dhurrie Beige SW 7524

This color is also a bit lighter than Bromley Taupe, and it has a slight orange undertone. Still, in the right light, I think it’s a solid dupe!

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Bungalow Beige SW 7511

This is also lighter than my inspiration, but it has some lovely pink undertones that give it warmth without looking yellow.

Accessible Beige SW 7036

If it were up to me, this would be called “Accessible Grege”. It’s much lighter than my inspiration, but it has those neutral undertones I’m looking for.

taupe paint colors for kitchen cabinets

My Favorite, Shiitake SW 9173

This is definitely the closest Sherwin Williams color to Bromley Taupe! It’s a shade lighter, but it has all the right tones. 

Now that I’ve done my research, I’m pretty confident I’m going with Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth for my kitchen cabinets! While it’s a tad bit lighter than Bromley Taupe, the difference is really not noticeable. I’m so excited to see how it looks in my space! 

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