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Kitchen remodels are, in my opinion, the most fun (and stressful!) part of renovating or building your house. We all know this space is the heart of any home, so watching it come together after carefully selecting every aspect feels like a dream come true. 

Building our kitchen from the ground up has been both a fulfilling and daunting process. With so much room for customization, I drove myself crazy trying to make it absolutely perfect. Now that the kitchen is finally complete, I am so excited to share it all with you!

Today on the blog, we will discuss all the details of my kitchen and every item we love to help you design the perfect kitchen of your own!

Kitchen Sources:

Our Kitchen Cabinets

This remodel started by choosing a cabinet layout that fit our family’s needs. With such a blank canvas to design from, I felt a lot of pressure to make cabinet choices I wouldn’t regret later.

Bringing the cabinets all the way to the ceiling proved to be the best decision for the entire kitchen. While it is more expensive, the luxury feel it brings to our home is worth the extra cost. It creates so much height and expands the room as much as possible. Plus, I never have to dust! haha

Whit Kitchen Cabinets With Modern Brass Hardware

To combat the cost of extending the cabinets, we opted to go with full overlay cabinets instead of inset. The design is still incredibly beautiful and it saves a lot of money. 

Once our cabinets were built, the only decisions left were for color and hardware. I knew instantly white was the perfect choice. While some may think white cabinets are basic, this timeless neutral is perfect for my every-changing design style. Not sure what cabinet color is right for your home? Check out my post on my favorite kitchen cabinet colors!

As for the hardware, I truly believe investing in a quality material will elevate your entire kitchen. The modern brass hardware adds a subtle pop against the white I just love.

The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

The moment I laid eyes on a bridge faucet, I knew it was an absolute necessity for the new kitchen. It may sound silly, but as one of the first purchases of the remodel, looking at the faucet gave me butterflies. I was just so excited to see it sit proudly in my new kitchen!

Bridge Faucet For Kitchen

A fun take on the classic bridge faucet is installing a matching soap dispenser next to it. It’s a permanent choice because they drill into your countertop! While I do love the look of this, the idea of displaying a pretty soap on the counter is also a fun choice. Next time, I’m going to skip the soap dispenser.

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect faucet, read all about gold faucets for your kitchen here!

Creating The Ideal Dimensions

A kitchen can be visually stunning, but without practicality you will slowly grow to resent your new remodel. My greatest priority was to create dimensions that were both pleasing to the eye and accommodating to our family and guests.

Island FAQs:

  • Our island is 9’ long, 4’ wide and perfectly fits 4 barstools.
  • I chose 2 large 20” pendants to be hung over the island and have them 36” from the countertop.
  • There is 4’ of space between the range and island and I think it’s the perfect amount of space!

After living, hosting, and cooking for our family in this kitchen, I know these are the ideal dimensions to build a practical kitchen. We love the space it provides plus, there’s room for the fun design elements every homey kitchen needs.

Simple Kitchen Styling Accessories

White Kitchen With Wood Styling Accessories

No matter if your kitchen is brand new or well-loved, freshening up the space with simple styling accessories allows for your home to feel special to you.

Here are a few of my favorite styling tips:

  • Incorporate varying wood tones to soften any white kitchen.
  • Bring in different object heights to add intrigue.
  • Use trays to create dimension within your countertop.

Tip: Use items from around the home. This way, switching up your kitchen based on season or mood is simple and budget-friendly. This is a time to get creative!

Where To Save And Splurge In Your Remodel

While the kitchen remodeling process is a time to incorporate any designs you’ve dreamed of, it is also important to categorize your wants beforehand. This way, all budgeting stress is eliminated, leaving just the excitement of a new kitchen. 

You may prioritize certain remodel aspects over us, but here is where we chose to save or splurge during our remodel. Hopefully, it will help make your choices easier.

Where To Splurge:

  • Bring your cabinets up to the ceiling- the impressive size will make your kitchen feel large.
  • Quality cabinet hardware will elevate in the most standard of cabinetry into something elegant.
  • Upgrade your gas range. This investment will truly last the test of time in your home.

Where To Save:

  • Install an under mount sink instead of a farmhouse sink. Still a beautiful design with impeccable quality!
  • Save on full overlay cabinets instead of inset. We have never regretted ours, they look stunning.

My Final Thoughts

No matter what part of the remodel process you are in, I hope you feel excited to see the final results! Kitchen remodels truly change our day-to-day lives, making the heart of the home feel even warmer.

If you end up incorporating any aspect of my kitchen remodel into yours, please let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram!

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