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When I say I’m personally designing every room in our new home, I mean every room! Our new kitchen features a large pantry, and I decided to make it a feature in the space. Check out my pantry design moodboard!

My Plan For Our Pantry Design

Our new home’s pantry design isn’t for what I’d call a “traditional” pantry. It’ll be a separate room behind our kitchen that you can access through two arched entryways, and it’ll hold our food storage, fridge, microwave, coffee bar, and an extra sink. It will also have three large windows, which means tons of natural light! With all our food storage in one place, we’ll have plenty of room in the main kitchen area for cooking and dining.

Elements I Love in the Pantry Design

The Colors

As with the rest of the house, I’m keeping things neutral in the pantry. I’m sticking with taupes and “greiges” to allow for some flexibility in the decor. The cabinets will be taupe along with the floor tile, and the walls will be a beautiful bright white. (Stay tuned to see which paint color I pick!)

The Backsplash

The backsplash is probably the part of the pantry I’m most excited about (besides all the snacks I’m going to fill it with!). I found these white zellige tiles, and I love their texture and varied tones. They’re going to add so much personality to the space, especially when the natural light catches them!

Zellige tiles are really neat because they slightly vary in color and the edges aren’t perfectly straight. The imperfections are actually what make this tile so unique and stunning! I’ve been dying to use them and I’m so excited to see them bring this space to life.

The Functionality

Of course, the main purpose of a pantry is storage. We’re installing tons of tall cabinets to take advantage of the 12-foot ceilings. With the fridge and microwave in the pantry as well, we’ll have plenty of extra space in the main kitchen.

Adding a prep sink and faucet in this room is going to be such a game changer! I love the idea of a prep sink and having room for it in this build is one of my most requested features.

The Decor

I didn’t want our pantry to be solely for storage. I also wanted it to add to the look and feel of the rest of the home. Above the coffee bar, we’ll have several floating maple shelves to display decor and a mug rack to show off all my favorite coffee cups. I also picked out a vintage runner, which will fit perfectly in the long, narrow pantry. Eek!

Shop My Pantry Design!

Want to create this look in your own home? Shop some of my favorite elements and add-ons I’ll be purchasing when we move in!

The pantry might not seem like an important room, but you use it every day! I’m so excited to see ours come together in our new home.

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