Our Butler’s Pantry | What It Is, Why We Chose One, & What to Consider


When we embarked on our new home build, the last project on my mind was the pantry. I mean, it’s just a closet, right? Wrong! There’s so much you can do with a pantry, especially if you opt for a butler’s pantry. Here’s why we chose one for our kitchen and how you can design your own!

What Is a Butler Pantry? 

Back in the day, a butler’s pantry was a place for storing expensive silverware and serving dishes. The butler would use the space to plate meals for serving and lock down valuables. It was basically a second kitchen behind the scenes!

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These days, butler’s pantries aren’t just for butlers! (Honestly, who has a butler in the 21st century?) Instead, it’s a space for storing food, servingware, and unsightly appliances you don’t want in your main kitchen. A lot of people also store wine and liquor in their pantries, making them a combination pantry and cellar.

Why We Opted For a Butler’s Pantry

Our new home build had plenty of kitchen and dining space. I knew I wanted to use some of that space for a large pantry, but I wasn’t sure where to put things like my coffee maker, dishwasher, and microwave. They’re things we use every day, but I didn’t like the idea of cluttering my nice new kitchen with them.

Then, along came the butler’s pantry! It seemed like the perfect compromise for us. All our daily-use appliances would be close at hand, but they wouldn’t be front-and-center in our kitchen space. Plus, the butler’s pantry allowed us to create even more storage space for food, smaller appliances, and servingware we don’t use every day.

What to Consider For Your Own Butler’s Pantry

If you’re thinking of designing your own butler’s pantry, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you want it closed or open? Most traditional pantries are closed off from the rest of the kitchen with a door, but that doesn’t have to be the case! We’re using arched doorways to create a little separation between the kitchen and the butler’s pantry without closing it off entirely.
  • What specialized storage do you need? Maybe you have a massive collection of KitchenAid attachments or a mountain of coffee mugs you want to display. The butler’s pantry is the perfect place for that! Keep these things in mind when designing your cabinets and storage spaces.
  • What special features could you add? Just because a butler’s pantry is a practical space doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too! If you’re a coffee nut like me, add a coffee bar. If you enjoy wine, add a wine fridge. If you have a collection of vintage dishes, add open shelving to display them on! Make the space your own! This is what I am looking forward to the most.

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Looking for inspiration?

Check out my design ideas for the rest of our new home build!

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