Waterfall Islands: Why I Love Them (& You Will Too!)


When we embarked on our new home build, I knew I wanted to add some major kitchen upgrades! On the very top of my list was a waterfall island. I love the look, and I’ve always regretted not getting one in our current home. The new build is the perfect opportunity to have one of my very own!

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Here’s what I love about waterfall islands and why I chose one for our new kitchen.

What Are Waterfall Islands? 

A waterfall island is a kitchen island where the countertop spills over the edge and down the side of the cabinets. You might see them in modern, minimalist kitchens with white quartz or marble countertops. That being said, I’ve seen them in all sorts of colors and materials, and I’ve never come across one I didn’t like! A butcher block waterfall island is a great addition to a farmhouse kitchen, and a darker material would look great in a brutalist or edgy space. Personally, though, I’m a big fan of a lighter countertop with tons of detail and contrast. It’s like adding a piece of modern art to your kitchen!

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Why I Love Waterfall Islands

The Modern Look

No matter the color or materials, I find that a waterfall island automatically adds a modern touch to a kitchen. It creates long, clean lines in the center of the kitchen. And if you use a light-colored countertop or light cabinets, it can make your space look even bigger than it actually is.

The Materials

When you buy a slab for your countertops, you often end up with leftovers. A waterfall island is a great way to use those up! I also love that the vertical placement of the countertop allows you to see all the beautiful details in the stone. It shows off the materials in a way that standard countertops just can’t. It’ll make your counters a true statement piece!

The Durability

As an added bonus, waterfall-edge countertops add durability to your island. Where regular wood cabinets can get scuffed and scratched, a waterfall island is nearly impossible to damage. And with a toddler running around, I need all the added durability I can get!

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How Much Do Waterfall Islands Cost?

When it comes to the cost of a waterfall island, you usually won’t spend more in installation than you would for a traditional island. The big difference is the cost of materials. Because the waterfall countertop extends down the side of the island, you’ll have to purchase more of your countertop material.

That being said, it’s a great way to get more bang for your buck! For most kitchens, you don’t end up using every bit of your quartz or marble slabs. By opting for a waterfall island, you can use up those scraps that you’ve already paid for. Just be sure to do the math before you buy your materials!

Our Very Own Waterfall Island

Our new kitchen will be home to tons of features I haven’t yet had the chance to try. (Check out my pantry moodboard for a sneak peek!) The waterfall island is going to be the focal point of our kitchen, and I can’t wait to design the rest of the space around it. Keep an eye out for updates!

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