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To me, the primary bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home to design. From getting ready each morning to winding down in the evening, I believe your bathroom should feel like a little oasis. With such high expectations for how I want this room to feel, I found it extremely difficult to make a decision on anything!

If you missed the big news- we are building the home of our dreams! To read all about the details of choosing to build read this blog post here.

Today, I will be going through all the details of our primary bathroom mood board to help you create the perfect bathroom in your home!

My Plan For The Primary Bathroom Design

I know I previously mentioned how hard it was to decide the vibe of the bathroom, but boy am I relieved to see it come together! After many changes over the past 7 months, I am proud to showcase the final design.

The neutral colors with warm brown tones give off the most comforting feel, all while being pleasing to the eye. I wanted to feel like I was in my own personal spa while still being functional for our whole family.

The Primary Bathroom Design Details

Arched Shower Door

I originally fell in love with a porcelain slab from Bedrosians that I wanted to use on the shower walls. I planned the whole bathroom design around these slabs, but ultimately couldn’t get myself to pay $20k for shower walls. Instead, I decided to splurge on a custom arched shower door that I can’t wait to show you! The shower door will be the main focal point of the bathroom so I wanted it to be bold. Shower door inspiration below from @aftconstruction via Instagram.

The Countertops

Since I didn’t get to use the Bedrosian porcelain slabs on the walls, I decided to use porcelain on the vanity countertops. I found a very similar porcelain locally, saving me thousands in shipping costs. The Bedrosians porcelain I wanted to use was called Magnifica Encore Porcelain, in Calacatta Antique. The porcelain I found locally is Sapien Stone in Calacatta Macchia Vecchia.

Porcelain is becoming increasingly popular as a countertop option because of it’s durability as opposed to marble. You can get that marble look without the worry of stains and etching!

Here are the two stones side by side!

The Shower

What I’m most excited for about our shower is the curbless entry! This allows for the bathroom flooring to seamlessly transition to the shower flooring with no curb. It creates such a clean design. The shower walls will be the same tiles as the bathroom floor: a simple marble look porcelain tile. These tiles will be very neutral to not draw too much attention. The shower floor will be a marble mosaic. I also decided to add in a second shower head since we had the space!

The Bathtub

This bathtub is absolutely stunning! It will sit next to a fireplace with a view out to the lake in front of our home. I’m not a huge bath-taker but I may have to start!

Our tub is from Signature Hardware and totes a matte finish, as opposed to the typical glossy finish. I cannot wait to see how it looks once installed and to share my thoughts on how I like it matte.

The Vanities

The easiest way to avoid bickering in any marriage is to have separate vanities. In all seriousness, I love having my own space to fill with beautiful products and organize just how I like it.

The cabinets for the vanities will be a white oak that brings out similar tones in the porcelain countertop, completed with satin brass hardware.

My favorite addition are mirrors from CB2 that have the most spectacular shape. I have been dying to have these mirrors in my home!

Lastly, I decided to splurge on mounted faucets that bring the spa-like luxury to a new level. We chose to get them from WaterWorks and the polished nickel finish stunning.

The Fixtures

We have decided to go with a mix of nickel and brass accents for all the fixtures and hardware throughout the bathroom.

We chose brass for the lighting and any cabinet knobs and nickel for all fixtures, such as the sink and tub filler. Overall, we love the mix as it allows for flexibility and increased design style.

I cannot wait to share with you all the progress of not just the primary bathroom, but our entire home, as it comes to be! What did you think of the design elements I selected? Let me know in the comments!

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