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I spent hours researching the perfect taupe for my kitchen cabinets. I fell in love with Bromley Taupe by Stoffer Home but since they don’t offer their paint for purchase, I set out and found an exact dupe. I wrote a previous post here where I talk about the process of how I came to my final choice.

Which Color I Chose

So what was the winning dupe? Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth. I couldn’t find a single difference between the two, and even now seeing my painted cabinets, I still don’t see a difference. The picture below shows the sample of Bromley Taupe held up to my Stone Hearth cabinets. Looks like a perfect match to me!

Bromley Taupe sample compared to Stone Hearth!

In my opinion, Stone Hearth is the perfect taupe and pairs just right with the white oak accents in my kitchen. It gives an earthy tone while not being too dark or too light. I am personally using antique brass hardware against the stone hearth cabinets, but any brass, nickel, or black would look great as well. I am also bringing this color onto my mudroom cubbies because I just love it so much.

Check out my Instagram for more photos of the cabinets as our build is close to being complete! Until then, here are some progress pictures.

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