Amazon Couch Review | Was It Worth The Money?


We desperately needed a new couch and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new one when I knew it would get destroyed (probably soon) by our kids. I had heard about a brand on Amazon called Chita Living and decided to try it out. For $1,000, I figured I wouldn’t be too distraught if the sofa didn’t last more than a few years. I went with the Delaney 3 piece sofa, and it has turned out to be exactly what we needed! An affordable, durable, beautiful couch.

The sofa arrived in about 5 days, and I was shocked at how it fit into 4 boxes. I thought for sure I was missing pieces but, everything was there and was packaged very well. I was able to easily put this together myself, and after adding floor protectors, I could scoot it across my floor right into place. The feet screw on, and you can see the material is a beautiful ivory color. This is the sofa right out of the box pictured below.

Is It Comfortable?

Our previous couch was a cloud couch dupe so it was extremely deep and the soft cushions constantly had to be fluffed. As soon as you sat on them, they’d lose their shape. I personally didn’t like how much I sank into the couch and it was sometimes hard to get up with it being so deep. This couch is definitely not as plush since the cushions are firm, and it is a smaller couch- not necessarily a couch for lounging on. I love that the cushions keep their shape and the couch always looks ‘put together’. If you’re looking for a large plush couch, this is not the couch for you. But if you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable sitting couch, then you will be extremely happy with this!

Would I Buy It Again?

Overall, for $1,000, I am extremely happy with the couch. I love the look, the size, and the ivory color. The covers also zip off so you can wash them (I’ve already had to do this once after my son spilled a dark smoothie all over- and the stain came out easily!) I would absolutely buy this again, and I’m actually looking into purchasing more Chita Living furniture for other areas of my home.

I asked Chita Living for a discount code to share so if you’d like to get 15% off your purchase, you can buy the couch directly from their website using this link and use CAITLIN15 for 15% off!

If you’d rather purchase directly from Amazon, this is the direct link to the couch!

Here are some other furniture options from Chita Living that I love- don’t for get you can use CAITLIN15 for 15% off your purchase!

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