Should You Use An Electric Fireplace In Your Home?


Should you use an electric fireplace in your home? Yes! There are many reasons why I love an electric fireplace- I’m giving all the details of our media room fireplace in this post!

We originally didn’t have a fireplace in our media room when first designing the layout of our home. Once the home was framed, I felt like something was missing. That’s the best thing about an electric fireplace- you can add them in pretty much anywhere since all you need is an outlet! We bumped the wall out and added in the 60″ Ignite Bold Electric Fireplace by Dimplex.

We previously used a Dimplex electric fireplace in our last home so I knew I loved the brand. The Ignite Bold Fireplace is very similar, but has a larger viewing area and more realistic flames. I love that electric fireplaces can still generate heat in the winter, or just be used for show during warmer months. It definitely makes cozying up for a movie night more enjoyable!

Another great thing about electric fireplaces is you can find them in a design with a very narrow depth if you don’t have a ton of space – like this one!

Ultimately, an electric fireplace is a great feature to add to a room design. It adds so much warmth and coziness to the space- it’s always a good idea! Dimplex is my favorite brand because of the quality and life-like flame designs their fireplaces use. Let me know if you have any questions!

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