entryway with bench

Home Decor

DIY Entryway With Bench | Make Your Entryway Unforgettable!

I love a small but mighty DIY project that adds a ton of life to a space. Our entryway with a bench did just that! In just a weekend, I was able to add so much personality to our home and turn our front door into a moment.  Do You Need an Entryway With a […]

Gold Kitchen Faucet

Home Decor

Gold Kitchen Faucets | Add a Touch of Class to Your Kitchen!

Out with the old, in with the gold! I’m seeing tons of gold kitchen faucets and other fixtures online, and I’m so glad they’re coming back in style. When used right, gold fixtures can add a ton of class and personality to a space.  Want to add a touch of gold to your own kitchen? […]

Bathroom design

New Home Build

Boys Bathroom Design | Beck’s Modern Bathroom Mood Board!

Children’s spaces don’t have to look childish! When I set out to design my son’s bathroom in our new house, I knew I wanted something edgy, modern, and (most importantly) easy to clean. Here’s what I came up with! Designing a boy’s bathroom isn’t something I’ve tackled before now, but I honestly am so excited […]


Stokke High Chair Review: Is It Worth The Purchase?

Being a new mom is both the most exciting and scary time in your life. If you’re anything like me, doing research on baby products helps to feel prepared for when the due date finally arrives. While some might think it sounds silly, I totally encourage it! The first product I ever looked into was […]

New Home Build

Laundry Room Design Moodboard | How I’m Designing the Laundry Room in Our New Home

As a mom of a rambunctious little boy, I spend a lot of time in the laundry room. That’s why the laundry room design for our new home is so important to me! I want to create a space I will actually enjoy using and that meets all my family’s needs. Here’s what I came up with!

New Home Build

Powder Bathroom Mood Board | New Build Inspo!

Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I truly believe that the powder bath is the most underrated room in the house. Think about it! It’s the one room you know your guests will visit, and it sometimes serves as their first impression of your home. Plus, since it’s a small, secluded room, it’s the perfect […]

New Home Build

Guest Bathroom Design For Our New Home | My Guest Bathroom Mood Board!

I’m putting extra thought into every square inch of our new home. Here’s how I came up with our modern yet classic guest bathroom design.

My Review On Our Coretec Floors

Home Decor

Our Coretec Flooring | How To Choose The Perfect Flooring For You

Choosing what flooring to put in your home feels like one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. I put so much pressure on myself to make the perfect choice, one that is beautiful and the correct color, but mostly durable for our family. My husband and I debated all types of options, but finally […]


Our Backyard Furniture Refresh! | 3 Easy Outdoor Styling Tips

Before I was a mom, I had specific moments I’d always dreamed of sharing with my future babies. Beck is growing faster than my heart is ready for, but the plus side is that all of the sweet memories I’ve been looking forward to for years are finally here! One of these visions was my […]

bathroom renovation

Home Decor

Bathroom Wallpaper: How to Upgrade Your Bathroom in A Day With Removable Wallpaper

I love experimenting with the design of my home, but I’m not always up for a massive project. Between supporting my clients, chasing Beck around, and our new home build, there’s just not much time to tear down walls and repaint entire rooms. That’s why I’ve turned to quick, easy projects I can complete in […]


Our fave paint colors

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