It is only fitting I discuss our Kitchen on my first post since I spent the most amount of time throughout our build focusing on this room. Do I do open shelving, glass doors on the top row of cabinets, open shelving, a custom hood, a different color island? I changed this layout about a million times. Is there anything I would change in the kitchen?- absolutely. There are always things you think of after the fact. My main regret is not doing a waterfall island. I was steered away from this idea because of potential cost, so I didn’t even bother getting a quote on it. I will just have to make sure I make this happen on our next build 🙂

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I am so happy we went with Bertazzoni Appliances for our two main pieces- the range and refrigerator. The 36″ range we chose is a little more affordable than other brands like GE. I actually prefer a fridge without a water dispenser because it looks more sleek- we just use a Brita inside the fridge to dispense filtered water. Since you cannot see our dishwasher, we went with a different brand, Bosch. This was because it had a quieter dBA rating than the Bertazzoni one, and it was a little less expensive. Our microwave is a basic GE Profile counter top microwave hidden in our pantry.

It took me forever to get all 4 of these bar stools. I initially ordered 2 from Target to make sure I liked the color (they come in black, natural, white, and brown) and are all so cute. They then went out of stock for months. I honestly feel like any of the colors could go in here. Another thing I got from Target are the pendant lights. Unfortunately, these were a collab between Project 62+Leanne Ford and are no longer available. I got these for steal- I think they were about 70$ a piece compared to other dome pendant lights I have seen for hundreds of dollars. Here is a similar Brass Dome Pendant on Wayfair if you want the look!

Other details on our kitchen:

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