Fall 2021 ORC: Week 1- The Before


I am so excited to be participating in my first ever One Room Challenge! The ORC is a biannual (every spring and fall) interior design challenge where 20 Featured Designers are selected to document their process of transforming a space over a period of 8 weeks. Anyone that has a blog or instagram account can participate in this challenge as a Guest Participant- like me!

Every Thursday over the next 8 weeks, I will be sharing my progress as I transform our empty guest room into a play room for my son, Beckham! Today starts Week 1!

I started creating this mood board 2 MONTHS prior to the start of the ORC! I had so many ideas and wanted it to be perfect! Here is what I came up with:

I still kept the design along the same lines as the rest of my house- whites/blacks/woods/greens- but I saw this yellowish giraffe wallpaper from Livette’s Wallpaper and knew I had to have it! The room I am transforming is right next to Beck’s bedroom and was already his ‘play room’ where all of his toys were thrown into. It is a small 11’x11′ square room with gray carpet and white walls. It isn’t a bad room, but I wanted to make it FUN! Here is my plan:

  • add floor to ceiling wood work on one wall
  • add fun wallpaper to another wall
  • remove shelf in the closest and replace it with an IKEA Aurdal system with wallpaper on the back closet wall
  • do an IKEA Dutkig play kitchen hack
  • add in all the fun decor and Montessori toys!

Here are some before pictures of the room!

My plan for Week 1 is to start on the wood work! I will use 1×2’s floor to ceiling to create a board and batten look. My initial plan in my mood board was to keep this wall white, but now I am thinking possibly a color?! I can’t wait to share this process over the next 8 weeks with you all! Here is to starting Week 1!

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  1. […] It’s Week 2 of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge and the feature wall in the playroom is complete! I went against everyone’s votes on my Instagram stories to keep this wall white, and painted it Natural Tan by Sherwin Williams. It is such a gorgeous neutral color and is going to look amazing next to the fun wallpaper I have planned for this next week! If you missed my post from Week 1, you can access it here! […]

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