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We just spent another week in our favorite place, Turks and Caicos! I am convinced Turks is the best island in the Caribbean. It has the bluest water I’ve ever seen (I will share where to find that water later in this post). Since we traveled with our 17 month old son, we decided to stay at the Beaches resort since it’s kid friendly and all inclusive. We also brought along my husbands sister, Claire, who is Beck’s nanny, so we could have some time to ourselves while he naps and at night to go to dinner. I don’t typically love the feel of a massive resort, but thought this would be best having everything included with Beck’s first time out of the country.

We booked this trip only about 2 months out, so we didn’t have a ton of room options to choose from. We needed a room that had 2 bedrooms, or at least a main room and a separate room where Beck could sleep. We ended up staying in the Italian Concierge Family Suite with Kids Room in the Italian Village. The one thing I didn’t realize when booking this room was that it did NOT come with a butler, or maybe a butler room wasn’t available at this point, I can’t remember. At Sandals/Beaches resorts, a butler is someone who can make dinner reservations for you, reserve space at the pool or beach for you, set up a cabana with towels and coolers full of drinks, bring you food to your room, and basically anything else you want them to do. And since we didn’t book a butler room, room service wasn’t offered which was a HUGE bummer. Room service was one of the main reasons I booked this resort so Claire could order food while in the room with Beck during naps/ at night. We had to order to go food at lunch time and bring it up to the room which wasn’t too big a deal, and Claire and Beck ended up coming out to dinner with us every night anyways. I would make sure to book a room with butler service if it’s available. The extra cost is worth it.

There are 4 different sections to the resort. The Key West Village, Italian Village, French Village, and Caribbean Village. The Key West village definitely seemed the nicest. It was quiet with smaller pools and some private beach front houses with plunge pools. I looked up those houses and they go for about $35k a week! Crazy. The Italian Village, where we stayed, I think was the best location on the resort. The two main buildings are set right off the beach (not all beach views though) and separated by a large pool with swim up bar. It is centrally located and you can easily walk to all the different villages and restaurants around the resort. The French village is set back away from the beach. It is also a more quiet area, but has its own large pool with swim up bar, restaurants, and has a stage where there are different performances every night. Beck especially loved the Elmo performances. The Caribbean village is also set right off the beach to the left of the Italian village and has our favorite restaurant, Schooners. By the end of the week, we all really felt like each village had great things about it and we couldn’t decide which one we liked the best.

Beaches has so many activities for children. There is a water park with slides and a lazy river over by the French village, a game room, a kids camp/babysitting services, nightly performances, ice cream truck, and so much more. This resort is definitely a kids heaven. I think Beck’s favorite part of the trip was the nightly Sesame Street performances!

Grace Bay beach is so beautiful and blue BUT if you want to see turquoise crystal clear water, make sure you go to Chalk Sound! The best view can be seen at Las Brisas restaurant. You can take a 2 hour boat tour and go snorkel at a plane wreck and walk around iguana island. Right down the road from Las Brisas is a place called Taylor Bay that we visited in 2019. This beach is shallow, clear, and barely any waves. It’s my favorite beach on the island!

If you have any questions about Beaches, Chalk Sound, or Turks and Caicos in general, drop them below or email me and I’d be happy to help!

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