Fall 2021 ORC: Week 2- Feature Wall


It’s Week 2 of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge and the feature wall in the playroom is complete! I went against everyone’s votes on my Instagram stories to keep this wall white, and painted it Natural Tan by Sherwin Williams. It is such a gorgeous neutral color and is going to look amazing next to the fun wallpaper I have planned for this next week! If you missed my post from Week 1, you can access it here!

For this wall, I decided on a floor to ceiling board and batten design using these 1x2s. Typical baseboards in a home won’t be the same width as a 1×2 so it’s best to remove the baseboard and replace with a 1×6 board (or whatever height is best for your space). In this case, a 1×6 matched up with my existing baseboard height.

It was difficult to remove this baseboard because the carpet wasn’t allowing us to pull it from the wall. I had to get my husband to help and we finally were able to remove it. I posted a reel showing the basic steps of a baseboard removal:

  • Use a multi tool to score the caulk line
  • Hammer the multi tool into the opened caulk line, forcing the baseboard from the wall 
  • Work your way down the baseboard and it will eventually pop off!

Next, install your new (1×6) baseboard. I marked the studs where the previous baseboard was nailed into. Once your baseboard is level, use your Brad nailer to attach it to the studs.

Once the baseboard was attached, I started installing the 1×2 boards on the ceiling. Again, make sure your board is level. Any gaps from the ceiling being uneven can be filled in with caulk. 

I figured out how many vertical boards I wanted, then cut a scrap piece of wood that would act as my spacer in between each vertical board. I used 1x2x8 boards, and had to add a small piece at the top. I could have bought 1x2x10 boards and not had this seam, but it was cheaper to just use wood filler on the seam and sand! 

One tip I always point out is the importance of making your 1×2’s even with your baseboard- see what I mean in the picture below. There are many ways of doing this. I usually just rip up pieces of paper, and place them behind the 1×2 to add depth to the board, making it even with the 1×6. This makes a seamless transition! Just fill the seam with wood filler, sand, and you will not be able to see the seam after painting.

There was one tricky spot over by the door frame where the 1×2 didn’t reach all the way to the wall. I bought a square 1×1 dowel I found at Lowe’s and cut it to length to fit in this area. It worked out great!

Next, fill all your nail holes and seams with wood filler. Sand, caulk, you’re ready to paint! Make sure to have LOTS of baby wipes on hand when you are caulking.

I have made the mistake of buying cheap paint before, so I opted for the best (most expensive) paint this time. I definitely saw a difference in the quality, but it still took 2 good coats to cover up the white wall.

If you’ve been wanting to try a feature wall of your own, DO IT! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!

Check back next week to see the fun wallpaper I add to this room!

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  1. […] Over the last two weeks of the One Room Challenge, I installed Livette’s Wallpaper on 2 walls. One wall in the main area of the playroom, and the other in the closet. I love using Livette’s wallpaper! It is such great quality and they have some of the cutest prints I’ve seen. I always use removable wallpaper incase I want to easily switch up the design at a later time. If you missed last week’s update, you can read about it here! […]

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