Fall 2021 One Room Challenge: Weeks 5, 6 & 7


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog post for the One Room Challenge, but I finally have some updates! For Week 5, I made the cutest reading corner with rattan shelves from target and a Play All Day sign from Carpenter Farmouse! If you missed my last update on this room, you can read it here!

You can customize these wood cut outs to say anything you want in lots of different fonts and sizes. You can go to Carpenterfarmhousefonts.com to preview what your cutouts will look like. I ordered a 60″ black cut out in Brittany Signature font. They are thin, light pieces of wood and I just hung them on the wall with small nails. They are super easy to hang and so cute!

For week 6, I didn’t have too fun of an update. Shipping delays have caused some issues with getting a big item for the playroom, so I decided to get the Ikea play kitchen set up, and Beck LOVES it! He opens and closes the doors on this kitchen a hundred times a day. Also, how cute is this alphabet sign from Gathre?! It matches perfectly with the SW Natural Tan wall color.

For Week 7, I finally have an Ikea closet update! I am still waiting on hardware for a couple shelves, but I made do with what I had.Thankfully this giraffe is tall and can take up some space for the missing shelves. He is a favorite around here! We started out with a plain white closet with built in shelf. I ripped out the shelf, added Livette’s sage herringbone wallpaper, and installed an Ikea Aurdal closet system! It is so much more functional with all the space for hanging clothes and storing toys!

Head back next week for the final One Room Challenge Reveal!

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  1. […] There is one final thing from Brentwood Home that I am waiting for in here- it got delayed due to shipping/manufacturing issues, but they sent me these adorable bean bags to hold its place for now! This room is complete and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Thanks for following along with this room transformation! If you want to see previous updates from this project, click here! […]

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