Amazon Gadgets: Part 2


More Amazon gadgets! These get better and better. My first find was an over the sink expandable strainer. Perfect for washing off fruit and veggies and then storing away! I personally think this is much easier to use than my traditional stainer that I would sit in the sink. I always had to tilt those to get all the water out, but the water easily goes right through this one.

My next find was a grout power scrubber! My husband thought this was a large toothbrush when I opened it LOL. This thing works so well and is really powerful. My dog eats his food all over our mudroom tile, and the grout gets really dirty. This brush truly scrubbed away all the dirt so easily. I just put some dawn soap in warm water, dipped the brush in, and scrubbed the grout for a few seconds!

Lastly, I found a fabric shaver! This can be used on your furniture and also your clothes. It shaves off those little balls of fabric and makes everything look brand new. My couch needed this so bad, and looks so much better whenever I run this over it! Check back for Amazon Gadgets Part 3!

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