What Is The MOST Important Step In The Home Building Process?


In my opinion, the most important step in the home building process is taking pictures and videos right before drywall goes in. This ensures all the plumbing and electrical is final, and you will know what exactly is behind your walls after you move in!

I personally prefer to take videos. Before the drywall went in at my new build, I went in and set my iPhone to the 0.5 zoom camera and took a slow video capturing the entire first floor and another video for the second floor. I make sure the video shows the studs all the way from the floor to the ceiling and I even take videos of the ceiling incase we ever needed to secure something up there. It helps to know which way the joists are going in your ceiling.

Another area I make sure to get a clear video of is around all windows. This makes it much easier when hanging drapes when you know if you’ll hit a stud or not. If there is an area with a lot of plumbing and electrical close together, I’ll make sure to show as much detail as I can so I know exactly where to enter the wall if I need to hang something.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already gone back to these videos in the short amount of time we’ve lived in our new build. It has helped tremendously when hanging our TV’s and bathroom mirrors!

Check out my instagram page @caitlinstantonhome for more photos and videos of our new home!

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