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I did a quick update to our small entryway this past weekend using my new favorite green- SW Shade Grown! This is the PERFECT green to give your space that dark and moody vibe. I loved our entryway color before (I mixed two colors together to create a really light tan so I don’t have a specific color to give you, but one of my favorite tan colors to use is SW Natural Tan. You can see this color on the playroom accent wall here!)

I completed our entryway accent wall last year and never wrote a detailed post. We didn’t have a designated spot to drop our shoes/keys/purse when coming in the front door, and there wasn’t a lot of space to do much here. I decided on a vertical shiplap accent wall where we could put hooks (which I still haven’t installed-oops) and a little bench for shoe storage. I didn’t want to have to remove the baseboard, so luckily shiplap was thin enough to install right on top of the baseboard. The one obstacle of this project was the wall the shiplap would be attached to has a pocket door behind it (and no studs to attach the shiplap to). You typically don’t need to use wood glue when attaching shiplap to a wall, but since I couldn’t use long nails and didn’t have studs, I used wood glue on each piece along with 3/4″ brad nails. My Brad Nailer is a really good beginner one to use, and it’s cordless! I had to make sure the nails didn’t go in too far and hit the pocket door. I then added a primed 1×5 and a 1×2 on top of the shiplap.

Adding an accent wall to small space can do so much! And I think adding the dark green made it even better. When I painted the accent wall Shade Grown, I started by first painting the spaces in between the shiplap with a normal size paint brush, then used a small craft paintbrush to get the paint all the way inside those small spaces. Once the creases and edges were painted, I used a foam roller over everything to get a smooth finish. I used a flat paint.

I can’t wait to use SW Shade Grown on our pantry and wetbar cabinets in our new build! If you want to see our new home build updates, follow along with me @caitinthecommons! We should be breaking ground really soon!

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