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Choosing what flooring to put in your home feels like one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. I put so much pressure on myself to make the perfect choice, one that is beautiful and the correct color, but mostly durable for our family.

My husband and I debated all types of options, but finally decided to choose Luxury Vinyl Plank (or LVP for short) by Coretec as opposed to traditional hardwood. After receiving so many questions all about our Coretec flooring, I decided to make a whole post dedicated to it.

To learn more about our Coretec flooring and how to choose flooring for your own home, continue reading!

What is LVP Flooring?

As mentioned above, LVP flooring stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank– a 100% waterproof plank made from 6-8 layers of durable materials. This flooring option was designed to be a more cost-effective option to hardwood (a traditionally super expensive flooring choice) that still looks like wood floors. 

I won’t lie, my heart was set on traditional wood floors, but just a few minutes of research began to sway me.

Becoming a popular option over the past decade for homes, LVP flooring promises these three things:

  • durability
  • affordability
  • aesthetically matching hardwood

Our biggest priority was ensuring that the flooring would look beautiful in our home, but not having to worry about messing it up. Between having a dog and our son loving to run around with his toys, we knew that LVP flooring would be the best choice for the time being.

Our LVP Flooring Details

I was thrilled to see so many of you asking for details on the flooring we chose- it really affirms that we made the right choice!
The brand we chose is Coretec flooring- designed to be the most waterproof and scratch proof option that we found looked the most like hardwood.

Choosing The Perfect Wood Color

As for the color choice, this is where it felt like I was making one of the most important decisions of my entire adult life. I was debating between two color options: Coretec Calypso Oak and Noble Oak. Calypso Oak is a darker, richer color as opposed to Noble Oak which to me was very light and almost a coastal vibe.

Originally going with Coretec’s Calypso Oak, we were informed last minute by the manufacturer that they were unable to supply this option. They instead offered to freely upgrade us to Noble Oak and I was thrilled in the end!

The flooring ended up proving a lot darker once installed than the original sample piece, which gave the rich wood feeling I wanted the entire time.

Our Overall Experience With Coretec Flooring

After many years of use on our Coretec flooring, we have loved that it still looks fantastic. With family gatherings, a bustling kitchen, and our son trampling all over the floors, this was the perfect choice for our home at the time. I will proudly attest that there has never been a single issue with scratching or water resistance during our entire time living with our flooring. 

All that being said, I still never got over my love for traditional wood flooring. LVP and other tile-like options have truly mastered an almost perfect dupe, but they can never fully bring out the richness that real wood brings.

Will We Be Choosing Coretec Flooring For Our Next Home?

Now that we have a grasp on how hard our family treats flooring, I have decided that engineered hardwood is the perfect in-between option for our new home. While genuine hardwood floors are just too impractical for us, engineered hardwood keeps durability and genuine wear-and-tear at the forefront of their design. 

My experience with Coretec LVP flooring has been nothing short of wonderful and I would use it again in a heartbeat in specific areas of the home. For basements, mud rooms, or any place that sees excessive water or general travel- LVP is the way to go. 

For overall living areas, we are excited to see how engineered hardwood brings a more luxurious feel. When we move in and start living with this new flooring (it will be about a year), I’ll write an updated post on my experience to share with you all!

If you decide that LVP flooring, or even engineered hardwood, is the perfect choice for you, let me know in the comments!

And to keep up with all things Cait In The Commons, check out my most recent blog posts!

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