Stokke High Chair Review: Is It Worth The Purchase?


Being a new mom is both the most exciting and scary time in your life. If you’re anything like me, doing research on baby products helps to feel prepared for when the due date finally arrives. While some might think it sounds silly, I totally encourage it!

The first product I ever looked into was the Stokke High Chair. After reading so many great reviews, I had to try it for myself!

Now that our son Beck has spent two years in his Stokke Clikk High Chair, we have put it through the true test. Today on the blog, we are chatting all things high chars and everything you need to know about the Stokke Clikk High Chair to help you decide if it’s worth the purchase!

What Makes The Stokke High Chair Special?

High chairs are designed to aid in keeping mealtime safe, while allowing it to be a learning experience. As a new parent, your life is filled with enough excitement, so choosing the correct high chair keeps your meals stress-free.

A high chair was one of my first purchases during pregnancy and I knew it needed to last. After a quick search online, Stokke High Chairs were recommended to me several times.

First off, they are beautiful! Made with nods to classic Scandinavian design, it is free of any prints or bold colors. I could picture it fitting in perfect with our kitchen.

The aesthetic of this chair drew me in, but the features sold me.

Key Features:

Adjustable Footrest

Having a spot for your child to rest their feet allows for more comfort during mealtime. When traveling and Beck is without this feature, he gets quite fussy. Needless to say, we love having a footrest!

The adjustability feature allows the high chair to be used for all heights. With a few simple tools, we are able to lower it as Beck grows.


The tray is removable and a dream to clean. Also designed for growing, it can be taken off completely when your child is ready to eat at the table.

Note: there are varying versions of Stokke High Chairs, but the Clikk version does not explicitly list the tray as dish washer safe, unlike other models. For the price to replace the tray, I have been too scared to test it out.

Five-Point Harness

Keeping Beck strapped into his chair gets rid of any possibility he could wiggle out. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than turning my back and he slides out, so this safety feature keeps me sane.

Bonus: it is washable!


Each chair includes a back and seat cushion for comfort and a correct seated position. With this, Beck is happy sitting in the chair for an entire meal.

The cushion can also be washed!

Is It Easy To Clean?

I briefly mentioned how each feature can be cleaned, but it deserves to be discussed again. It is such a hassle-free cleaning process!

After every meal, I wipe down the tray and take it out for a thorough wash in the sink. Depending on how much fun Beck had with his meal, I also wipe down the seat and legs.

Every few days, I throw the cushion and strap into the laundry on cold. They come out perfect every time! I will say, it can be tricky to perfectly time out a wash routine with his meal schedule. Having a second set would be optimal, but they are quite expensive!

Stokke High Chair: My Overall Experience

Stokke High Chair

While I believe this chair is one of the best on the market, it is not perfect. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, but they still need mentioning.

The Pros: What I Loved

  • The design itself is aesthetically pleasing- fits in perfectly with our home!
  • The footrest is easily adjustable and comfortable.
  • Everything can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Each chair is designed to grow with your child.

The Cons: What I Wish Was Different

  • The seat height is not adjustable- the footrest positions make up for it though.
  • A second cushion and strap would make cleaning easier, but it is too expensive to justify.

Is The Stokke High Chair Worth It?

I believe the Stokke Clikk High Chair is worth the investment. For two years, we have shared countless family memories around meal time, with minimal fussing from Beck due to this chair.

It can be hard these days to find the genuinely great products in the midst of all the marketing noise, but this high chair is the real deal!

If you end up purchasing your own Stokke High Chair, let me know in the comments. And to keep up with all thing Cait In The Commons, check out my most recent posts:

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