Gold Kitchen Faucets | Add a Touch of Class to Your Kitchen!


Out with the old, in with the gold! I’m seeing tons of gold kitchen faucets and other fixtures online, and I’m so glad they’re coming back in style. When used right, gold fixtures can add a ton of class and personality to a space. 

Want to add a touch of gold to your own kitchen? Here are my tips!

What People Mean When They Say “Gold Kitchen Faucets”

Of course, no one’s buying kitchen faucets made of real gold (except for maybe the Kardashians). When most people say they want a gold kitchen faucet, they’re actually talking about one of two materials: brass or bronze.


Brass fixtures are typically that more yellow tone you associate with gold. You can get them polished, brushed, or satin depending on how much shine you want. Polished brass is the shiniest, so it’s really going to pop. Brushed and satin are more matte, but they’re better at hiding fingerprints and smudges without sacrificing that classy gold tone.

Also keep in mind that unlacquered brass will eventually show signs of patina, a chemical process that produces spots and reduces shine. Some people buy bronze fixtures specifically for this look (it can look great in farmhouse kitchens), but for others it’s an unwelcome surprise!


Bronze fixtures can range from a yellowy-gold color to a deeper, darker red tone, so it’s important to see them in person before you buy. However, I’m noticing now that bronze and brass are being used interchangeably.

What to Consider When Shopping for Gold Kitchen Faucets

Before you “add to cart”, be sure to do your research! Consider these tips as you shop:

  • If you like the patina look, opt for unlacquered bronze. Like I said, some people love the patina look. If that’s you, find unlacquered bronze fixtures. Then, give them some time and enjoy the outcome!
  • Your fixtures don’t have to match exactly. It’s okay to buy from different vendors! None of your kitchen fixtures will be super close together, so it’s okay if the colors or finishes don’t match exactly. So long as they’re close in tone, you won’t notice the difference!
  • Some materials require special care. Both brass and bronze look best polished. When you deep clean your kitchen, give your gold kitchen faucet a nice polish with some Brasso or a homemade paste of salt and vinegar.
  • The shinier the metal, the more easily you’ll see spots. If you don’t mind a few fingerprints here and there, don’t be afraid to go for polished fixtures. But if you don’t want to see smudges on your gold fixtures, consider a brushed or satin finish.

Tips for Designing with Gold Fixtures

If you’re dreaming of a gold kitchen faucet or other gold fixtures, here are a few tips for designing the rest of your space.

You can’t go wrong with black and white.

It can be hard to find colors that pair well with gold, especially if you don’t have your fixtures in hand when you’re paint shopping. When in doubt, opt for black and white. It’s classic, looks great with gold fixtures, and easy to dress up with colorful decor.

Make the fixtures a focal point.

You’re already making a statement with your gold fixtures. Why not take it up a notch?! Find gold lighting fixtures or drawer pulls that really draw the eye. For an added touch, include some gold candle holders or picture frames on your shelves.

Tone it down with natural textures.

For a more chill, down-to-earth look, pair your gold kitchen faucet and fixtures with natural tones and textures–like butcher block, jute, or natural-looking wood flooring. These homey accents will make your kitchen feel more inviting and warm.

Shop the Look!

Want to achieve this look in your own home? Here are some of my favorite brass, bronze, and “gold” kitchen faucets.

I never thought I’d be one to get excited over faucets, but the gold look is so dreamy and classy that it just gets me inspired! I can’t wait to use it in my new kitchen, and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into yours! 

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