Kitchen Runners | Adding The Finishing Touch To Any Kitchen Space


The most simple way to take your kitchen design from good to great is by adding a kitchen runner! A “runner” refers to a specific size of rug that is meant for long, narrow spaces. You typically see them between the range and sink if you have an island, but they look great in every layout!

Today on the blog, I will discuss everything I love about kitchen runners to help sway you to the side of them being an absolute kitchen must-have.

What To Love About Kitchen Runners

Kitchen runners feel like the finishing touch to styling the heart of your home. While practicality is the most important part of your kitchen, adding small design touches bring an element of warmth to this space.

A kitchen can feel harsh with all the stainless steel and crisp countertop edges. When you add a kitchen runner, you have the opportunity to incorporate color and texture that perfectly balances out these other elements.

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On a more practical side, a kitchen runner can also hide anything you dislike about your flooring. I think we all dream of replacing our flooring at one point or another, but a cute kitchen runner can offer the perfect quick fix!

Save Money While Styling

The most amazing part about kitchen runners is how affordable they can be! No matter the size of your budget, there is a stunning rug out there just waiting to complete your kitchen.

I tend to not splurge on kitchen runners and here’s why:

  • Trends change frequently and while you may love that rug today, will you love it months from now?
  • Your personal design style is constantly evolving and a fresh kitchen rug is an easy way to reflect it.
  • Your kitchen runner is in just that: the kitchen. Messes, spills, and dirt are inevitably going to happen.

As a mom who loves a beautiful home, I’ve chosen to invest in other pieces instead so I can switch out my runners as often as I’d like (or when they get worn out!).

Kitchen Runner Design Tips

After trying out many different types of runners over the years, I’ve learned a couple tips to picking the best rug every time.

My Top Two Tips

Measure first. A lot of time measuring can feel like a hassle, but to truly elevate your kitchen you need to buy the correct size rug. Nothing works better than the tried-and-true tape method to visually map out how the runner will look in your space. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Decide what texture is best for you. No one knows your home better than you do. Ask yourself a few questions to figure out the level of wear-and-tear this space may have.

  • Do you have young kids or lots of pets? 
  • Is your kitchen a relatively low-traffic zone? 
  • Are you adventurous in the kitchen? Or do you prefer sticking to the basics?

These questions will easily narrow down what kitchen runner texture is ideal for your home. If you’re worried about ruining your brand new kitchen runner- don’t be! There are tons of washable kitchen runners available now through RugsUSA, Boutique Rugs, and companies like Ruggable. As a mom myself, I’ve always been intrigued!

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Regardless of what rug style you choose, adding this simple design element instantly elevates the space. To find more kitchen styling inspiration, read all about my kitchen must haves here!

Kitchen Runners: The Current Trends

As I mentioned before, kitchen runners are one of the easiest ways to display trends you love, or your personal design style. My two favorite trends right now are: traditional style runners and jute runners.

Traditional style runners are classic in their design pattern, whether it be using geometric shapes or florals. The fun comes in with your color selection! Whether you go for more bold or muted colors, know that traditional style runners are here to stay.

Jute runners are a combination of style and durability that prove ideal for even the most messy of cooking spaces. Made from jute fibers, this woven rug’s neutral color scheme is perfect in any kitchen. It the perfect way to bring that “natural” look into your space. I’m a big fan!

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Wanting to find the perfect kitchen runner for your home? Here are a few of my favorites:

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that a kitchen runner is not only an appropriate, but encouraged, addition in your cooking space. If you end up purchasing a kitchen runner for your home please let me know in the comments!

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